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A web based tool for VJing with GIFs

*by clicking this you also use a little workaround to autoplay a youtube video with sound for demonstration purposes. Don't be surprised by the sound :-]


{{ gif.nTimes }}
<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" n-times="{{ gif.nTimes }}"{{ nTimesIsStopped() }}></x-gif>
Hit "SPACE" or click the Button to tap a beat
{{ gif.bpm }}

GIFjockey (v0.5)

Click the Button to hide the help overlay

How to use:

  1. Play some nice music from your PC, by your cool DJ-friends or from anywhere else (or get started with the example song above with 128 BPM)
  2. Set the global beats-per-minute (BPM) of this song by tapping with the space-bar or clicking the button on the top left
  3. Go to a website like and copy the URL of a GIF you like. Make sure, to copy the link to the media source, e.g. on Giphy click on the chain-icon on the top right of a thumbnail:
  4. Paste the URL into the textfield underneath a GIF
  5. Change the playback speed until it looks good
  6. Move and scale the GIF as you want
  7. Double click on a GIF to leave the edit mode and lock it
  8. Click on the help button on the top right to hide this instructions

Roadmap/Next Steps:


The GIFjockey is a fun side project by Lorenz Potthast. It is no way near any professional programming, but it works somehow and is great fun.

Thanks to the following resources that I used:

{{ ((100) * (Math.pow(2, gif.url3speed)/16 )) }}% Speed
{{ ((100) * (Math.pow(2, gif.url2speed)/16 )) }}% Speed
Double click on GIF to toggle interface
Drag to Move. Use
the blue points to
scale and rotate.

Paste URL
of GIF here
{{ ((100) * (Math.pow(2, gif.url1speed)/16 )) }}% Speed
Change the playback speed